Prestij Park Esenyurt Istanbul For Sale Prices

Prestij Park Esenyurt Istanbul For Sale Prices

Are you interested in Prestij Park Esenyurt project? You are in the right place.

The project is designed in a modern way to suit all the needs of life and spend your entire time with the family. It consists of 26 blocks comprising 2392 apartments typed as 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1. All units are delivered with fully equipped kitchen to provide you absolute luxury. Landscaping will be part of your life thanks to the large green spaces and social facilities for you and your children.

You are able to find many prices from various sellers, but we, as Bureau BB, are only selling units from construction company. Because we had some issues in our previous sales and that’s why buying from the construction company is the safest way. While trying to buy for cheaper, don’t let your money gone.

What Might Happen If You Don’t Buy from the Project?

  • There are some people who says that they are selling their properties for cheaper and they are asking for downpayments to keep the apartment for you. After you gave the reservation fee around $3-5.000 to that person, they close the phones and they disappear.
  • Some cheaters are showing you an apartment on the project but then they transfer another title deed of a cheaper project in that location. After some time, police comes to the door and you understand the situation but it’s impossible to find that cheater again.
  • As foreign investor, the only way you can do the payment is cash while buying the property from owner. Before transfering the title deed, cheater convince customers to give money first at the bank. After you give the money at the bank, you go to the Title Deed Center to transfer property on your name. But when you go there, government workers says that there is distraint on this property. So seller will not be able to transfer it to another person until the seller pays the debt. Then you go to bank again to get the money back, but this time bank says the money is taken by other people automatically because other people who put distraint to the seller’s bank account for his debt. The only solution of this issue is sueing the seller however it lasts for minimum 2-3 years.

These are the only 3 examples of frauds. There are hundreds of different ways to cheat someone while selling real estate. That’s why we don’t suggest you to buy from individuals as soon as you know them well. Otherwise while trying to earn 50-60.000 Lira you can lost much more and couldn’t buy the property.

Turkish people also aware of that kind of frauds and that’s why demand to buy from consturction companies at the beginning is safer. Of course after the completion of sales, everyone needs to buy from individuals but Turkish people are mostly aware of the problems and thats why they are being careful about this. But as foreigner, you might need a professional support because you probably don’t know regulations well.

As Bureau BB, we suggest our customers to use the advantage of installment payments and buy from the construction companies.

When Prices Will Increase?

Prices already increased %40-50 after completion. First buyers are selling their properties for cheaper to sell immediately. Because of the reasons we count at the top, we will not buy from individuals and risk our investment.

After construction company sell all apartments, prices are starting to increase dramatically again because after that individuals are the only people who sells apartements from the project. So, they don’t need to keep the prices lower than sales office to sell quickly anymore. So after 2019 January, after the completion of many other governmental projects, the prices will again increase around 40-50%.

Prestij Park Esenyurt Prices

Prestij Park Construction Company Price List
Unit Type Size (SQM) Price Range
1 Bedroom 90 395.000 TL
2 Bedrooms 101 455.000 TL
3 Bedrooms 135-174 608.000 TL – 750.000 TL

Payment Plan

%50 Downpayment and Rest in 18 Months


With its location which is at the main arterial road of the city, intersection of E-5 and TEM Bahçeşehir path connection; all the alternatives to reach the place where you desire to go easily is at the Istanbul Prestij Park.

• Torium metrobus station 700 m
• Torium Mall 500 m
• Media Market & Carrefour 1 km
• Marmara Park which has been elected as the best shopping mall of the World 1,5 km
• Tüyap fairground 6 km
• Atatürk Airport 12 km

Social Facilities

All kind of social activity that will bring joy to your life is in the social facilities of Istanbul Prestij park…

Keep fit at the pools or sports fields.
Relax your soul in Turkish bath, sauna or steam rooms.
It’s free to rest or entertain in İstanbul Prestij Par.

• Heated closed pools (different pools for men and women)
• Open children’s’ pools
• Mini football & basketball & volleyball & tennis courts
• Turkish Baths
• Saunas
• Steam Rooms
• Fitness – Pilates Room
• Prayer Room
• Kids Club
• Sports fields
• Squash Rooms
• Table Games (billiard, table football, table tennis)


• Spread footing
• Bored pile system
• Conventional construction technique
• Continuous security for 24 hours
• Closed circle security cameras
• Open and close auto parks




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