The fundamental aim of our practice is to provide our clients with a first class legal service focused on helping them to achieve their objectives as effectively and economically as possible in Turkey. We are fully aware that our clients expect, and are entitled to get, value for the fees charged for the legal services provided. We have produced this document so that there may be clarity and openness on this issue and to inform you about our general business terms.

It is our policy to ensure that the work performed for you is efficient, cost effectively and is performed by the lawyer with the most appropriate skills for a particular task. We are concerned that in acting for you we provide legal advice and assistance to the highest standard of competence and integrity.

With respect to our fees, these are usually calculated on an hourly basis. Rates are determined by reference to the experience and expertise of the lawyer performing the work.

Such hourly rates shall apply for all Legal Assistance Services as a general mandate, such shall be preparation/review of the various agreements and other documents or other tasks as may be deemed necessary during the activity of the company and comprised into the Scope of Work as detailed.

This estimation is based on a normal development of the file. However, certain modifications could intervene in case of further developments and depending on the specific scope of work and such modifications will be notified to the client when and to the extent they can be determined.

You should also note that an order for costs in your favor will not cover the entire fee payable and may, in certain cases, be difficult to enforce and that such enforcement will give rise to additional costs which are not generally recoverable. VAT is payable at 18%.

In cases where you ask us to advise on a situation or on legal implications of different approaches to some problem you would need to take a view about the format or scope of work that is actually required, at least initially, since this will be highly relevant for any fee estimate. An initial general overview of an issue would require less time and legal resources to carry out than a comprehensive review of all possible scenarios.